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Welcome To How To Make A Resume

This website is designed to teach you how to make a resume.

The hiring process in the U.S. has grown up around the resume/application process. While your next employer will certainly expect certain information to be presented, your resume is:

  • Your advertisement about yourself
  • Your opportunity to make claims about yourself
  • Your opportunity to make your claims have credibility
  • Your opportunity to establish your own gravitas
  • Your opportunity to prove you have character, accomplishments, skill and substance
  • Your opportunity to persuade the reader to give you an interview

Learn What Employers Want In A Resume

While employers want some basic information about you, they are looking for you to tell them by writing a resume about yourself in your own terms.

They want you to sell yourself.

Your resume is your opportunity to select, strategically and artistically present the very best of your

  • history
  • qualities
  • traits
  • skills
  • accomplishments
  • education
  • experience
  • honors and awards
  • knowledge, and
  • various other aspects of your life...
that can be assets to your new company.

Match Your Resume To That New Job

Learn how writing a resume is your opportunity to take the language of the employer's job ad, combine it with the very best of your assets and turn those ideas into a blueprint to say, "See, I'm a perfect fit… and more."

Writing A Resume Is Opportunity… Your Opportunity…

Your expertly prepared resume is your opportunity for you to:

  • Tell your story in terms that interest your future employer
  • Use advertising techniques to gain attention, focus interest, and generate action
  • Put your very best foot forward, and
  • Convince your new employer that you are the best candidate for hire.

Writing a resume is your opportunity to present your case to your potential employer in a way that captures attention quickly, gains interest and secures response. While you most certainly must include basic elements, the choices of:

  • How you make your claims
  • How you “prove them”
  • How you sequence them
  • Where you locate them
  • The amount of focus you attach to them, and
  • The extent and nature of the space you delegate to them…

…all figure into the amount of emphasis you grant them.

Learn to Showcase Your Greatest Assets

Take this opportunity to showcase your greatest assets so the reader's eye is immediately drawn to them. They will be "center stage" in your presentation.

How To Make A Resume will teach you to say

  • the right things
  • in the right way
  • in the right sequence
and place your best assets in your resume's best geography. This advertising strategy will help gain employer interest and can lead to your phone call for your interview.

Put Your Resume On Top Of The Stack... Get Your Interview

How To Make A Resume is all about teaching you those critical elements and strategies that will help put your resume at the top of the stack and get your interview. We do this by multiple means. This web site includes resume samples and tutorials, resource lists, many ideas on how to improve your current documents and several ideas to consider content to put into other formats.

Check Us Out

Thank you for taking time from your hectic schedule to “drop in.” Please, check us out today, and check back often, as we are currently building this web site so that it will become one of your most valuable resume resources and provide the resume help you need.

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